Hydracentials Stainless Steel 25 oz Double Wall Sporty Water Bottle Review

Hydracentials Sporty Water Bottle Review | Musings of a Modern Hippie

As a prior Hydracentials customer (I purchased the Slim Grip for my last Giveaway), I was given the opportunity to test the newest model – the Hydracentials 25 Oz Insulated Stainless Steel Sporty Water Bottle with Flip Cap and Straw – in exchange for my honest feedback. And I think it’s a great choice! I’ll start at the top and work my way down.

The spout is easy to open one-handed, which is important when you are on the go, being active, or have one hand full of cheese doodles. There is a sturdy loop that would attach nicely to a backpack or bag with a carabiner (not included). The spout is leak proof – also essential for people like me who want to toss it in a bag or on the car seat and not have to worry about tipping it over and leaking.
It has a straw, and while I wish the straw were also stainless, it makes for easy drinking. I’ve used similarly designed water bottles in the past that didn’t have straws, and always hit my nose on the top when tipping the bottle back for a drink. (And no, I don’t have an exceptionally gigantic schnoz.)

Hydracentials Sporty Water Bottle Review | Musings of a Modern Hippie


Removing the lid on the sporty water bottle is easy. The opening is nice and large so adding ice cubes to your favorite drink is no problem at all. Not that they are even really needed. The double wall insulates marvelously. I’ve been using it day-to-day, by adding cold water in the early morning, and by lunch it’s still nice and chilly. I’ve left it in my car all day twice now and the water was still cold in the evening. Well over 8 hours. Even in a warm car.
The stainless steel design is perfect for those of us trying to get away from using plastic. The double wall means there is no condensation to drip down on your desk and ruin your TPS reports.
This sporty water bottle fits in my hippie-mom car cup holders, no problem. Being stainless steel, double walled, and 25 oz, it does have some heft to it, but that’s to be expected. And would make a nice weapon if you find yourself the victim of a carjacking or zombie attack.
Hydracentials Sporty Water Bottle Review | Musings of a Modern Hippie

The bottom has a cool non-slip surface, which prevents it from immediately sliding off the roof of your car as you pull out of your driveway, having forgotten that you put it there while trying to strap your part-alligator part-child into their car seat. Note – I don’t recommend the car roof as a good storage place unless you’ve thoroughly secured your bottle to your roof rack. (Neither MMH nor Hydracentials can be held responsible for any damage occurring to your vehicle other vehicles or water bottle as a result of leaving it on your roof rack. Hydracentials does offer a 1 year guarantee on normal wear and tear of the bottle.)
The sleek, rugged, and durable design of the sporty water bottle make it very attractive and a great choice for all of your sportsing and non-sportsing activities alike.

Disclaimer: No water bottles were harmed in the reviewing of this product.

Second Disclaimer: This review was not meant to dismiss the seriousness of carjackings or zombie attacks. Tens of thousands of people are the victims of carjackings each year, and twos of people are injured by zombie attacks each year. If you find yourself in either situation, MMH recommends that you move to safety as quickly as possible and call the authorities. Never attempt to stop an attacker yourself. MMH does not actually recommend using your sporty water bottle to deter criminals, zombies, vengeful ex’s, deranged neighbors, relatives, psychotic coworkers, feral children, feral animals, ghosts, sasquatches, or dementors.


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