Super Healing Balm: A Home First Aid Kit Must-Have

I’m not one to push products on people unless they specifically ask me for a recommendation, but this one is amazing. It’s called Golden Salve from Nature’s Sunshine. It’s a healing balm that can be used for wounds, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and other rashes, hemorrhoids and fissures, vaginal issues, abscesses and other infections, bites, stings, itching, sores, burns, blisters, poison ivy, athlete’s foot, and cold sores. Really just about any skin issue.

Super Healing Balm: A Home First Aid Kit Must-Have | Musings of a Modern Hippie

I’ve used this healing balm recently for a pretty deep cut I got at work. It was more of a gouge than a cut really…it was bad. I put a tiny bit of Golden Salve on it overnight the first night with a bandage covering it. Then again while at work the next day. I was able to leave it uncovered overnight the next night and during the next day (I did reapply and cover it a few times because I wear latex gloves for some of my work). The difference in just 2 days was remarkable. I wish I would have taken a picture the first day. It almost completely healed in 2 days. It healed faster than the scab on my hand from a cut that is about 2 weeks old that I didn’t use the healing salve on. I can’t get over how fast it healed. With no scaring or skin discoloration. I’ve also used it on burns and athletes foot with remarkable results.

Here’s what’s in the healing balm and why it’s so great (you could probably make your own, but I think everyone should have something like this in their first aid kits):

Olive oil: antiseptic, moisturizer, nutrient
Beeswax: antiseptic and moisturizer
Black walnut hulls: astringent (tightens skin), anti-inflammatory, anti-viral/fungal
Chickweed herb: draws out infections, anti-inflammatory
Comfrey root: powerful healer (cell proliferant), astringent (tightens skin), anti-inflammatory
Golden seal root: aids in scab formation, vasoconstrictor (narrows blood vessels), stops bleeding, antibiotic
Lobelia herb: muscle relaxer, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory
Marshmallow root: anti-inflammatory, tissue soother
Mullein leaves: anti-inflammatory, tissue soother
Myrrh gum: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, promotes tissue healing
Scullcap herb: soothing, anti-inflammatory
Wheat germ oil: moisturizing, nutrient
White oak bark: astringent (tightens skin), stops bleeding
Yarrow flower: stops bleeding, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent (tightens skin)
Eucalyptus leaf oil: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever
Vitamin E acetate: anti-oxidant, moisturizer

Really, this is amazing stuff. So many good herbs in one powerful little healing balm.

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